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First Hall

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VTM cut out

Popular Course

This is a very comprehensive curriculum from the Siu Nim Tau foundations all the way to the weapons. Easy to understand, these videos are for those that want to learn Wing Chun and have an excellent overview of mainstream Wing Chun.

Complimentary Videos

These public videos are the place to start.  The videos here will kick-start your understanding of Shaolin Wing Chun.


Qi Gung

This section takes you on a journey of the internal art called Qi Gung. We bring you meditation techniques, discussions of yan/yin, and other tools to help you work on the internal part of your martial art.

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Siu Nim Tao

 This is a great overview, yet detailed comprehensive curriculum from Siu Nim Tau The Foundations. This includes the SNT form, Concepts, Techniques, Applications, Paak Sau, Laap Sau, and Chi Sau Drills. Great for Beginners.



Chum Kiu

 This is a detailed curriculum from Chum Kiu: The Combat Bridge. Some of the information includes Forms, Attributes, Chi Sau progression such as Luk Sau, Single Hand Strikes, Jip Sau, and how to train trapping hands properly.

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Biu Ji

 This is a curriculum from Biu Ji: Thrusting fingers. This is the final empty hand from. Some of the information includes Forms, Attributes, New Applications such as elbows, recovery techniques, and Fa Ging. Bonus material on Wing Chun ranges of combat.

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VTM cut out

VTM cut out

VTM cut out

VTM Foundation Course

This course gives an introduction to Shaolin Wing Chun, covering grades 1-3 of the VTM curriculum. Topics covered are Basic Exercise, Basic Movements, Forms, Ranges of Combat, and Economy of Motion to the Maximum Efficiency. This is the progression given to all Shaolin Wing Chun students.

VTM Intermediate Course

This intermediate-level course, covering grades 4-6 of the VTM curriculum, builds on the Foundation course. Students start to understand the difference between First Hall and Second Hall as compared to Third Hall - moving from fixed patterns to live patterns and the start of fight training.

VTM Advanced Course

At this level, students realize that Shaolin Wing Chun is not a separate art from the original Southern Shaolin Temple: It is a state of training, turning something effective into efficient through the lens of the concept of economy of motion. This final stage where nothing can be added or subtracted is known as Maximum Efficiency.

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 Direct Students

This is the online version of our student curriculum as taught worldwide through the efforts of the Ving Tsun Museum for our Public Wing Chun and Shaolin Wing Chun Curriculums.


Recordings of seminars on a variety of topics, from chi sau to the long pole.  This section is dynamic so check back occasionally as new seminars are recorded.


This is for the existing instructors and instructor candidates.  You must be in the Instructor program for this material.

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